Taveuni, FijiFormerly known as Somosomo, Taveuni ranks third in size and is one of the finest islands of Fiji. It is entirely a volcanic formation. Lying southeast of sister island Vanua Levu, it is 26 miles long and about an average of 7 miles in width, rising symmetrically on both sides to a backbone ridge.

At its highest point is Mount Uluiqalau (4,040 feet), notable because it is exactly under the 180th Meridian, 12 hours east and west from Greenwich. In the high mountains of Taveuni there is a beautiful lake of considerable size, pouring through an outlet on the west. This stream furnishes the township of Somosomo with a good supply of fresh water. A smaller outlet to the east discharges enough water to form a small cascade. A flowering plant called Tagimaucia, is found only on the shores of this lake - all attempts to transplant it to lower altitudes has failed. The plant has bunches of flowers, red with a white entree, and is the most beautiful of all the Fijian wild flowers. Every characteristic of Fijian scenery is found on Taveuni, while all of the tropical trees, fruits and vegetables are produced here in abundance.

At one time, Sea Island cotton, arrowroot and cinchona had been produced on the island but its main product is now copra. When the American expedition under Wilkes visited, Taveuni's inhabitants, the most savage tribe in the archipelago were feared by all the islands, and on Taveuni, cannibalism prevailed to a greater extent than anywhere else. A road extends the full length of the lee or northwest coast from Vuna in the south to Wainibula in the north.

Taveuni, FijiThere is an airstrip serviced by Air Fiji and Sunflower Airlines at Matei at the north of the island. Taveuni, on the west coast is a calling place for inter-island ships. There is a large hospital in the vicinity and several schools. Some of the most extensive, privately owned copra plantations are in Taveuni with a large Fijian population still living in villages, mainly in the north and extreme south. There is only a small Indian population.

The reefs of the Somosomo Straits, off the coast of Taveuni, Fiji, attract divers from all over the world. They come to experience the spectacular South Pacific soft corals of the world-famous Rainbow Reef that stretches between Vanu Levu and Taveuni.

Taveuni Soqulu Plantation

    A nine hole course with three par fours. The shortest hole is 99 yards, and the longest is 214 yards. Green fees: FJ$20 for 9 holes, Deposit on clubs, balls & tee: FJ$5.00.

    Taveuni Estates,
    C/- Waiyevo Post Office,
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Scuba Diving in Taveuni: DIVE ADVENTURE

Aquaventure is based at the northern end of the Garden Island of Fiji - Taveuni. The island is volcanic in origin and rises to over 3900feet (1200m) - Taveuni has hikes to spectacular waterfalls, natural waterslides, unspoilt beaches and the friendliest people in the world - a real Fiji Experience ! Kayaking, horsetrekking and snorkelling are all locally available.

High & Low Temperatures by Month
(Average Temperatures)

Hi Lo

Hi Lo
January 86 74
July 79 69
March 85 74
September 81 70
May 82 71
November 83 72

Taveuni's climate is tropical year round, the mild and dry season being May through November.
Local Voltage 240v. (Some hotels have 110v. outlets)

Taveuni, Fiji

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