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Fiji Facts and General Information


The Republic of Fiji, straddling the International Date Line, is often referred to as the crossroads of the Pacific. This hospitable land of islands, lagoons, lush forests and mountains is home to more than 700,000 people.

The Fiji archipelago has over 300 islands scattered across 200,000 square miles of ocean. Total land area is about 2,800 square miles.

The Fiji Islands are situated at approximately 180 degrees longitude and 16 degrees South.
Flying times:
Australia - 4 hours to the West
New Zealand - 2 hours to the South
Los Angeles - 10 hours to the Northeast

Fiji enjoys a warm sunny climate without extremes of heat and cold. There is a mild, dry season May-October, with a warm, wetter phase November-April. Temperatures range from 83 degrees to 88 degrees (daytime), and the evenings are in the high 70's throughout the year.

Time Zones:
Although the 180th Meridian passes through the Fiji Group, the International Date Line is adjusted so that the entire archipelago falls into the same time zone; 12 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

English is the official language. Fijian and Hindustani are spoken as well.

The national currency is the Fiji dollar, which is divided into 100 cents and trades independently on the foreign-exchange markets. Overseas currency is widely accepted in the form of cash or travellers cheques. Most international credit cards are also accepted at resorts and major shops. The exchange rate as of 6-30-98 is approximately .50.

All visitors to Fiji must have a current passport valid for more than three months from the date of entry, return or ongoing air tickets and adequate funds for their support. Permits are granted at the airport on arrival for a stay of one month and may be extended for up to six months.

Fiji is a healthy country, free from most tropical diseases. Inoculations will not be required unless a traveler is entering from a designated infected area. Mosquito repellent is highly recommended.

Tipping is not encouraged but visitors may give a gratuity for excellent service to the employees' Christmas Fund.

Electricity in all resorts is 240 volts, 50 cycles A.C.. Some resorts and live-aboards may have 110 volt outlets for use as well.

Departure Tax:
Passengers 16 years and over leaving Fiji must pay a departure tax of F$20.00 in Fijian currency.

Water Supply:
All resorts will have drinkable water systems, but if uncertain ask before drinking.

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